Posted by Gift Odiete

When your hair stylist is a Guru you don’t want to piss him/she off literally because your hairstylist have the characteristic of a magician and a demon at the same time. Our Hair stylist make us look like a million dollar baby and sometimes serve as a pseudo therapist, but there are some things that might just make them want to push you out the door;



Your hairstylist are experts in their field and if they tell you dying your hair fiery red would cause irreparable damage then its best you listen to them rather than cry over damaged hair subsequently.

Requesting a celebrity haircut

So its fine to request a celebrity hairstyle but we should know by now that celebrities change their hairstyle all the time so before you walk in asking your hairstylist to give you a rihanna hairstyle, do the research find out the one you want and go to the salon with a picture in hand.

Giving Yourself a Hair Cut

Some of us are self sufficient and we can be creative when it comes to our hair, but if you are one of those people that have no talent for this act then stay clear. Our hairstylist hate it when they have to fix the crap that you did to your hair

Mirroring Your Favorite Celebrity 

Your hairstylist is a person not a magician, if you have the right celebrity hairstyle and you are expecting to see rihanna when you look in the mirror then I don’t think you should be in a salon. Lower your expectations because you might re-create the hairstyle but you can’t look like the celebrity. So don’t take it out on your stylist.

Pretending You are Happy

There’s no salon that wants you to go about complaining of their service, so if you are not happy with what they have done they would prefer you be upfront with them so they can fix your hair.

Are you a hairstylist? what other thing do you think your customers get into that you hate? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.