Posted by Karen Ekekwe

Good afternoon lovers of quality human hair extensions. Today's lecture (HUMAN HAIR 101) would be on the basics of human hair extensions. To begin, it is best to know the types of human hair and their differences. There are various types of human hair and knowing them would aid selection process.

Virgin hair

Well just like the name implies "virgin" this means pure like it has never been processed or treated with any form of chemicals. It comes in its natural state and can be bleached, dyed and processed. Note also that the way you treat your hair is the same way you treat your natural hair. This is the general term used to describe human hair, there can be virgin Malaysian hair, Peruvian and Indian hair.

Types of human hair

1. Indian Hair

Indian Magic hair- Full head

This is the most adaptable hair and is readily available, this hair is naturally airy and can be curled and styled easily. Even with little products applied to it, it moves effortlessly and blends well with most hair textures. A change in weather can affect the hair so it is advisable to purchase anti-frizz in order to protect the hair.

2. Brazilian Hair


This is the "in" hair, it is the most sought hair mostly because of its softness, durability, and density. The volume of this type of human hair, it is advisable to use as many bundles to make the hair full. It is also less likely to form into a mass of small, tight curls.

3. Peruvian Hair

Virgin Peruvian Hair (Straight)- 3 BUNDLES

This is a multi-purpose weave and is extremely soft, you can have up to 5 bundles on your hair and still feel light. It has a more coarse texture than Indian or Brazilian hair and is preferred by a lot of people.

4. Malaysian Hair

malaysian bouncy curls human hair

Due to its texture, this hair is highly sought after and mostly worn by celebrities. The Malaysian hair is extremely luxurious and is shiny (just the right amount of shine). The Malaysian hair holds curls perfectly well even without the use of products, it doesn't swell in humid conditions making it low maintenance. For the busy woman, this is the perfect hair for you.

All you need to know about the types of human hair. Have a question? Post it in the comment section.