Posted by Karen Ekekwe

My stylist said I shouldn't comb my hair often, should I? My stylist said I shouldn't wash my hair often, should I? So many questions, your stylists and the hair seller have different opinions. Now the question is, who do you listen to? In this article, we would be answering the above questions and give answers to what it is you should do.

1. My stylist said I shouldn't comb my extensions, should I?

A lot of people might say "do what your stylist tells you". Here's the thing, the weave is called Human hair extension for a reason. Now imagine not combing your natural hair for a week, it would definitely tangle right? You are therefore expected to treat your human hair the same way you would treat your natural hair, after-all they are just about the same thing. 

2. My stylist said I shouldn't wash my hair often...should I?

This question seems funny to me, imagine not washing your hair for over a month. You board a bus and people start staring at you, not because you look "peng" but because your hair stinks. Sure that can be embarrassing, I am begging you please wash your human hair extension often (I am not saying everyday, we both know that's impossible) at least after every installment. It saves you from a lot of things for example, people's uncomfortable stare.

If you have other things your stylist told you not to do, feel free to drop suggestions in the comment section.