Posted by Karen Ekekwe

straight hair turned curly

Over the years, ladies have thought of how to change their different straight extensions to a curly one. Depending on the quality of the hair, you can wash or dye your hair extensions to give you the desired look. However, curling your straight human hair extensions can be time-consuming and can also damage the hair over time, nevertheless, instead of curling your hair daily which takes up precious time and effort you can "boil" it to satisfy your curly taste

Yes, I said boil your human hair extension. Most of my hair lovers would doubt the effectiveness of this but yes, boiling your hair extensions actually brings out good and lasting curls.


Take a large boiling pot and fill it with water, the pot must be large enough for the hair, place the pot of water on a heat source either a gas or an electric stove. The heat should be enough to boil the water.

 1. Add a few drops of extra virgin oil and a palm full of conditioner to the boiling water.

 2. Begin to place the extensions on your perm rods the smaller the perm rods the tighter the curls will be.

 3. Make sure the water is boiling up pretty good, the water should still be boiling but not aggressively.

 4. Once all extensions are in place on the perm rods, carefully place the extensions into the pot of boiling water. The extensions should boil for not less than 21/2hrs

 5. When the time has elapsed, remove the pot from the heat and turn off the heat source.

 6. Bring out the extensions from the pot and air dry overnight.

 7. Once all the extensions are completely dry, remove the extensions from the perm rods one by one until all the perm rods are removed then separate the hair with your hands.

 8. Shampoo and condition the hair before installing.

              Enjoy your new curly hair!!!