• How to care for your human 102

    Posted by Karen Ekekwe

    Most people don't have naturally exotic hair, it is for this reason they desire Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian hairs, regardless of their prices. You may be wondering why some women are able to reuse their human hair extensions for as long as a year. This all boils down to the way the human hair is maintained. Hair extensions require work as they are not like the natural hair. The better you take care of your human hair extensions, the longer they will last.

    The following tips would help you maintain your human hair extension:

    Detangling your hair

    In order to get rid of tangles, you are supposed to gently comb out your human hair extensions using a wide tooth brush or a detangling blush. When combing the hair, do not insert the brush to the root of the hair, start combing from the ends and slowly work your way to the root. In order to avoid shedding of the hair while combing, support the extension with your hand.


    This might be a little confusing as people have different opinions when it comes to washing their human hair extension. It is advisable to wash your human hair extension at least once in every 3 weeks (this should come immediately after you take of the first weave installment). Washing them too much will make them appear too dry and they will get damaged faster, which is undesirable. It is best to wash gently with cold water and a very gentle shampoo, free of sulphite. Conditioning the human hair extension with a moisturizing conditioner helps to keep the "lushness" of the hair.

    Drying hair 

    Pat the hair dry and as much as possible avoid rubbing with a towel as this will lead to breakage. It is best to allow your human hair extension, this is because an excessive use of hair dryer will lead to damage of the hair. However, if necessary the dryer should be put on a cool setting, and the extension should be combed out gently with a wide tooth brush while drying.

    Styling  your human hair extensions

    When you want to style your human hair extension, it is best you discuss with your stylist your preference. Alcohol free products like mousse, gel and hairspray should be used in moderation. Greasy products should be avoided as it can cause your human hair extension to tangle.

    Applying heat

    Human hair extensions and heat don't go hand in hand. The ends of your hair weakens and becomes brittle when excessive heat is used and this can lead to breakage.  The use of flat irons should be avoided.

    Sleeping with human hair

    When your human hair is wet, avoid sleeping like that or it may get tangled while you're asleep. Plait the hair, pin it up, roller-set it or roll with bendy rollers before sleeping. Sleep with a satin cap or on a satin covered pillow to avoid pillow friction.

    Other things to note:

    • Avoid touching the hair every time. Touching human hair extensions leads to the transfer of oils from the hand to the hair, leading to them become unsightly.
    •  Rinse your hair in tap water before and after going into the swimming pool. The heavily chlorinated water has damaging effects on human hair.
    •  Do not use towels to rigorously dry out your human hair extensions, to avoid breakage.
    •  Oil your scalp whenever your scalp feels itchy. Avoid scratching because it can result in frizzy roots and noticeable tracks.
    • When storing your human hair, store them in well ventilated packs, and in such a way that they do not get matted and tangled.