• Curly Hair Slays, While Straight Hair Rocks!

    Posted by Olayemisi Florence Ogutuga

    Whenever it comes to hair, most ladies are rarely happy with their own hair texture- I know I never am. Ladies with curly hair know that their hairs require extra effort and love so as to get the best results.

    Curly hair tends to get frizzy when not properly oiled and moisturised, you need the extra volume to achieve that extra glamorous full bodied look, and to prevent tangles you need to brush it properly.
    Ladies with straight hair often complain about how they always look the same. This is because straight hair gives you that natural and smooth look for your everyday look.
    Here, we compare both sides of the argument and talk about why we think straight hair is the best!

    1. You can get out of bed and not look in the mirror and still end up having smooth hair after just brushing them. No elaborate plans, no accessories necessary.


    2. They are always manageable! Poofy hair means that you have to settle it down, whereas straight hair always looks sleek and glossy!

    3. You don’t need to think a hundred times before a haircut. Whether it’s chopping your hair short, longer flicks or shorter bangs, or even a little bit of color...anything looks good with straight hair.

    4. It doesn’t matter usually whether or how you blow-dry them, or when you wash them or how often so much. You can wash them an hour before going out and still have perfect hair ready in no time!

    5. You never have to worry about letting your silky locks loose, open hair is never really a problem, and is usually how you can let them be daily.

    6. Simple hairstyles can look effortlessly great with straight hair, whether you gathered your hair into a ponytail, simply braided them up or even tied up in a bun.

    7. You don’t need to go near flat irons or other expensive treatments that fry your hair. Just regular trims, moisturisers, oil, (Argan oil is the best) a little bit of colour and you’re good to go!

    Straight hair never goes out of date. Who doesn’t want long shiny straight hair that sways in the wind and catches attention! Visit us today at sntcollections.com for 100% Virgin Human Straight Hairs.

    Posted by Karen Ekekwe

    straight hair turned curly

    Over the years, ladies have thought of how to change their different straight extensions to a curly one. Depending on the quality of the hair, you can wash or dye your hair extensions to give you the desired look. However, curling your straight human hair extensions can be time-consuming and can also damage the hair over time, nevertheless, instead of curling your hair daily which takes up precious time and effort you can "boil" it to satisfy your curly taste

    Yes, I said boil your human hair extension. Most of my hair lovers would doubt the effectiveness of this but yes, boiling your hair extensions actually brings out good and lasting curls.


    Take a large boiling pot and fill it with water, the pot must be large enough for the hair, place the pot of water on a heat source either a gas or an electric stove. The heat should be enough to boil the water.

     1. Add a few drops of extra virgin oil and a palm full of conditioner to the boiling water.

     2. Begin to place the extensions on your perm rods the smaller the perm rods the tighter the curls will be.

     3. Make sure the water is boiling up pretty good, the water should still be boiling but not aggressively.

     4. Once all extensions are in place on the perm rods, carefully place the extensions into the pot of boiling water. The extensions should boil for not less than 21/2hrs

     5. When the time has elapsed, remove the pot from the heat and turn off the heat source.

     6. Bring out the extensions from the pot and air dry overnight.

     7. Once all the extensions are completely dry, remove the extensions from the perm rods one by one until all the perm rods are removed then separate the hair with your hands.

     8. Shampoo and condition the hair before installing.

                  Enjoy your new curly hair!!!











  • Human Hair 102

    Posted by Karen Ekekwe

    Following the last blog post (https://sntcollections.com/blogs/inpiration/human-hair-101), we would be talking about how to care for your Straight, Curly and Wavy human hair extensions.

    Maintaining your human hair extension is really simple if you follow instructions. These guidelines would save you the stress of going to meet your stylist every time you want your hair taken care of.

    Straight and Wavy Hair

    1. Ignore the "don't brush your human hair" people and please brush your hair often(with a wide tooth comb). You are to treat your human hair extension the way you'll treat your natural hair.

    2. Apply argan oil once or twice a week.

    3. Use alcohol-free styling aids, such as mousse, gel and hairspray in moderation.

    4. For wavy hair, spray hair with a leave-in conditioner or diluted curl activator solution and air-dry hair for the best wave formation.

    5. Avoid using heat unnecessarily on your human hair extension


    Curly Hair

    1. Brush hair often with a wide tooth comb.

    2. When conditioning, always make use of leave-in conditioner.

    3. Apply water to maintain curls.

    4. After the installation of your human hair, it is advisable not to wear it for more than 14-25 days.

    5. When going to bed, tie the hair up and put it in a satin/silk scarf to avoid tangling. 

    6. Wash your human hair after the first installment.


    Have questions? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.