Posted by Karen Ekekwe

    Each year we make resolutions to stop old habits or maybe grow new ones, but more often than not our big plans are ruined sometime in January. However, this hasn't stopped us from setting those goals in December. This article highlights some of these goals and how they can be achieved .

    1. Read more books

    I know most of us set out goals to read more books in the new year. Now here's the thing, we mostly set vague goals. For example, a goal is set to read 30 books in a year when on a normal day reading a book can be so much "wahala". So why set such goals, maybe a more realistic goal like at least 2 books in 3 months so by the end of the year a total of 8 books would have been read which if you ask me is not so shabby.

    2. Lose weight


    During the festive season, we ate all we could without an ounce of guilt and now that it's a new year we all feel fat. Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. The aim is not to feel bad and then care less about how we look but the aim is to do something about it. A way this can happen is not by going on extreme diets but eating little portions at intervals and exercising can do the trick. Trying to keep fit/lose weight can be hard, trust me I know but it is not impossible. 

    3. Learn something new

    So I remember riding a bicycle as a kid but I don't think I can ride one now so I've decided that I'll relearn how to ride a bicycle. You can pick something else to do, it can be learning how to bake, makeup or any other skill. Let it just be realistic, start small and grow big.

    4. Travel more


    My very good friend decided to take a travel adventure, she decided to visit 25 states in Nigeria before she's 25 and she's only 20. Most people set travel goals but they end up not achieving it, the reason being they set ambiguous goals, for example, setting a goal to travel to countries outside Africa when your bank balance is doing "yimu". before any goal is set, the first thing to do is do a finance check and just as the saying goes "cut your coat according to your size" DO THE NEEDFUL!!!

    5. Make new friends

    This and the previous reason are kind of similar, when you travel you meet new people be it in the airport, the airplane or at immigration. The idea is to interact more, for introverts, this might be difficult but there's no harm in trying yeah? if your finances can't  help achieve your traveling dreams then not to worry, you can still make friends in your area of residence, your church. the key is stepping out of your comfort zone and soar.

    Have a dream, set a goal to achieve the dream. 2017 is going to be a great year.

    Have other goals you've set for yourself? Feel free to share in the comment section