Posted by Gift Odiete

Its very disheartening when you buy your hair and after two months of use they begin to tangle, or shed unnecessarily. This happens a lot and it doesn’t necessarily mean the hair is not of good quality what it means is that the hair extension lacks the needed nourishment.

Some of us are usually frustrated, so much that we have to get a new weave sewn in, well there’s no need to waste money because you can rejuvenate your hair extension.

This treatment is known as the hot oil treatment, which is the process of using natural oil to rejuvenate and revive the hair. This routine works as well on natural hair, it is where natural oils are heated and poured on the hair which would absorb the nutrients after sitting in for a while.

This are the steps you need to follow to be able to carry out this treatment;

  • First, comb out the hair starting from the end to the top…
  • Apply a good and generous amount of natural oils (argan oil, coconut, almond, olive, etc) and hair mayonnaise .
  • Comb through to make sure the treatment is well spread.
  • Put the hair in a plastic bag and tighten the bag. (microwaveable plastic bag).
  • Put it into the micro wave and leave in for about a minute (2 min maximum).
  • Make sure the bag is very hot before you wrap it in a towel and leave for 10 hours.
  • Rinse the hair.

Make sure your hair is actually human hair and don’t leave your hair in the micro wave for too long try going a minute at a time.