Posted by Queen chinatu


Christmas is around the corner bringing with it many reasons and events to rock glamorous makeup and hair. It is completely acceptable to look different because Christmas gives us the opportunity to spend time with our  family and friends, whatever it is you are celebrating lets look at a few beauty and hair tricks to keep you looking your best this season.

  • Take care of your hair: All hair types suffer during harmattan .The change in weather dries out your hair so it is advisable you start using moisturizing hair conditioner and a good water based hair cream.
  • Keep your skin shiny and moisturized all the time: Harmattan can be very harsh to the skin. Drink more water and cream your body while it is still damp.




  • To avoid having cracked lips simply exfoliate your lips by mixing little honey and brown sugar for a natural fix or better still you can buy a lip balm.


  •      Rough and cracked heels: Nothing can be embarrassing and annoying as having cracked heels so if you love your feet take care of them. Moisturize the heels with thick cream lotion containing lactic acid and wear cotton socks more often because it helps the cream  to absorb and moisturizers work well when applied to a warm and damp skin.


  • Any hair that keeps the ends/roots of your hair hidden is a great option during harmattan because you want your hair well covered and hydrated to avoid breakage.



Lastly, avoid the use of gel or any other hair stronghold and try not to comb your hair while it is still wet.