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As we mature we make different decisions, we choose to do whatever we want with our bodies. For many, a dye job is fun and fashionable and for others its actually a necessity because its important they cover the grey hair that just appeared from nowhere. What this two class of people have in common is the fact that they desire to have a lasting dye job.



You can spend a pretty penny on the perfect shade for your tresses. So you want to make sure you don’t wash all that cash and color down the drain. Because it becomes very annoying and frustrating when the dye job stays for only a short period of time before you start getting “psst! your undergrowth is showing” from your friends and family.  What can you do to keep that color where it belongs?



When you dye your hair, the pigments are held captive inside the hair strands, But anything that can lift the hair shaft’s cuticle, allowing pigment particles to escape, can fade that pretty color. One of the biggest color-stealing culprits? H2O. “Plain water dilutes the pigment and causes it to fade faster,”

Here are 3 ways you can touch-up in between:

Avoid Hot Showers
Hot water doesn’t only dry out your skin; it can decrease the life of your hair color. The temperature opens up your cuticle, releasing your precious color—and moisture. “I always tell my clients to shampoo and rinse with room-temp water, towel dry, condition, then rinse with the coldest water you can stand to seal that cuticle shut,This will provide longer-lasting color, keeping your locks nice and hydrated while also eliminating split ends.”

Swim Smarter
Protect your hair in the sun and chlorine. Use a hair protector with SPF when in the sun, pool, and ocean to keep your color from fading. A product with sunflower oil is great as it also has antioxidants to protect the hair.


Don’t Overuse Hot Tools
Staying away from your hot tools the first week after coloring your hair will also help prevent the color from fading, says celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck. Hot tools such as blow dryers and straighteners actually speed up the process of color fading. While these tools are sometimes necessary, it is best to stay away from them the first week or so after you color your hair.

The touch up kit is your friend

If your hair color is already dying out and you don’t have the time or funds to visit the salon then you can use touch up-kit and root pencil provided they match the color on your hair. They would certainly buy you time until your next hair appointment.

Try parting your hair different or try braiding your hair

If you’ve tried everything and yet it fails, then draw attention from your roots by parting your hair in a messy zigzag pattern or you can braid it, this would help the grey’s blend in nicely with the rest of your tresses.

Use a Thermal Protectant
This will protect against heat damage from styling tools. Thermal protectants will help reduce color fade by keeping the integrity of the hair in good condition

Deep Condition Less
While deep conditioning or at-home masks are a good idea before you color, they can fade a rich brunette or vibrant red,  The conditioner or mask is designed to get deep in the hair follicle to moisturize. However, when it’s rinsed out, it takes the color molecule with it—resulting in the color fading. To avoid this, a good daily conditioner will do the trick (just don’t leave it on for a long period of time).

Try a Shower Filter
This will remove chemicals, chlorine, and minerals from your shower water, Hard water strips your hair’s color and natural oils; these filters minimize color rinsing down the drain.

Rethink going Red While show-stopping, red hair colors fade the fastest because crimson pigment molecules are larger than browns and blacks, and the most unstable.