Posted by Gift Odiete

No matter what hair vendor you purchase from, ALL HAIR SHEDS!  If your natural hair can shed of course hair on a track/weft will shed also, it's normal. It is only bad when the shedding becomes excess. To prevent your hair from shedding excessively, kindly follow the following instructions:

Stop The Shedding Before It Happens!

  • ​Do not use a bristle brush as they tend to latch onto individual hair fibers and rip them from the weft. Always use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush. 



  • Do not co-wash hair using shampoo. Use conditioner only. Shampoos are only meant to clean the hair. It does not condition the hair; it does not straighten the hair or soften the hair. Its role is only meant to remove dirt and oil build up from your scalp so that hair follicles can grow healthy. The excessive use of shampoo can actually cause hair to dry, harden and frizz up which leads to breakage and shedding.




  • Do not punch the sew-in needle through the wefts during installation; this leads to increase in shedding and lessens the quality of the hair. If you are getting a sew-in weave, make sure that your stylist sews in the wefts by looping and tying the weave thread under and over the weft.



  •  Keep the use of curling, flat irons, and other excessive use of heating tools to a minimum. The more heat you use on virgin hair - the shorter the lifespan. As with your own natural hair, heat causes breakage and shedding. You can safely use heat when you apply a heat protectant to the hair because it will block the high temperatures and prevent hair breakage. The constant use of high heat can also alter/loosen the natural curl/wavy pattern.


  •  Wear a satin scarf over your hair at night. A secure satin scarf will keep your hair from snagging, drying out and breaking during your sleep.


  • Keep your hands out of your hair.  Playing in your hair causes damage. When you are constantly running your fingers and hands through your hair all the time, yanking, and tugging at the weft. Whether or not you realize it - you are pulling your hair out. Although it may take some getting used to, it’s very important to keep your hands out of your hair.

 If you can abide by this few tips above, trust me your hair shedding will reduce and your hair will be healthy. shop for your quality hair at